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Miller Industrial Fluids, Inc. - Manufacturer and Distributor of Industrial Oils, Fluids and Lubricants

JWS Machinery LLC is proud to announce our relationship with Miller Industrial Fluids!  Miller calls Indianapolis home, so when you purchase, not only are you purchasing the BEST, you are also keeping those dollars in Indiana!  Please click on the links below to learn more about Miller and then contact us here at JWS Machinery to get your quote!

Over 65 Years of Experience in the Manufacture & Distribution of Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids, Rust Preventatives, Coolants and Cleaners for Industry
Industrial Lubricants
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Miller Industrial Fluids, LLC is a privately held corporation located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Miller serves the industrial market by manufacturing and distributing competitively priced, high quality lubricants, cutting fluids, rust preventives, cleaners, coolants and drawing compounds.
Offering bulk storage capacity of more than 300,000 gallons, Miller services both national and regional customers by utilizing a fleet of bulk and package trucks and common carriers.

Miller Industrial Fluids' Services and Capabilities

In-House Oil Product Testing
Miller Industrial Fluids employs a knowledgeable staff that includes chemists, certified lubrication specialists and field sales specialists. We offer an understanding of product formulation and application unique to companies of our size. Miller operates an in-house laboratory that includes standard bench testing as well as infrared chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography and humidity cabinet testing.

Custom Formulations
Miller can custom formulate products to meet our customer's most demanding needs. Product development capabilities include product families with compatible chemistries for all applications in a given operation. Products can be monitored for selectively depleted components allowing for extended service intervals without compromising performance.
Bulk Oil Deliveries
Miller prides itself on quality and service. By maintaining an extensive inventory and our own fleet of trucks, we are able to deliver service second to none in our industry. Given the opportunity, Miller will help customers meet the demands of lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory.
Oil Reclamation or Disposal Services
Miller Industrial Fluids offers "from cradle to grave" industrial lubricant and fluid services. When a product is "spent", Miller will either reclaim the product or remove the product and properly dispose of it. Our engineers can provide the essential information for your specific product.
Our Services & Capabilities include
53 bulk storage tanks offer a  total capacity
     of more than 300,000 gallons.
Bulk systems are serviced by segregated
     lines to ensure product purity and quality
All drums and pails are inspected before filling
Our unique flushing system cleans all bulk
      truck tanks between deliveries
More than 1,800 different product / package
     combinations on inventory
Bulk deliveries of many products
Bulk tank program available to
     qualified customers